Why Pet Nutrition is an Important Factor When Caring For Your Pet

We all have the best of intentions for our furry little friends, but when money is tight pet owners can fall to the temptation of buying cheaper pet food in a bid to save money. Supermarkets are awash with bargain products which you may believe are just as good as the more premium brands, particularly when they are packaged in attractive cartons and tins. However, choose the wrong food and it could actually have very little nutritional value. In the worst case it could be thought of as feeding “junk food” to your pet at each meal.

In the early stage of any animals’ life certain nutritional qualities need to be enhanced, for instance protein and calcium levels. The calories required at this stage will also be higher. Throughout the lifespan of your pet the nutritional requirements change so wherever possible try to purchase pet food suitable for your pets’ stage of life. For example look for puppy or kitten food and senior dog or cat food. Premium suppliers of such foods have performed extensive research into the nutritional requirements throughout the various life stages of each animal they produce for. The products therefore provide a tailor made nutritional meal at each feed.

Vitamins are not only for Humans – Your Pet needs them too!

Vitamins and minerals are vital to the health of any pet, but many pet owners are unaware of this. Many cheaper brands of pet food will claim to be “enriched” with vitamins and minerals and these claims are easy to believe. However, through the manufacturing process many vitamins and minerals from the core food source can be broken down and lost. Quality pet foods will only use protected vitamins, which cannot be degraded throughout manufacture.

By being fed the right amount of vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and calcium your pet is more likely to be healthier and happier, with a shiny, glossy coat. It is important to remember that your pet will also need fresh water on a daily basis, supplied in a clean bowl.

The variety of premium pet food available on the market is vast. In addition to food which suits your pets age you will also find foods which have specific qualities, such as “light” pet food for animals where weight is currently an issue. You can also find pet food designed for animals that do not go outside. There are even foods which are great for pets with sensitive skin or excess plaque on the teeth. Your Vet will be able to guide you on the right choice of food for your pet and can be a great source of information on pet nutrition.

A Question of Cost versus Quality?

You may have looked into purchasing a premium quality feeding product for your pet and instantly been put off by the price. However, take some time to read the packaging and think of the benefits of feeding your pet a quality, nutritional meal at each feeding time. The nutritional value of many quality pet foods can be so high that the actual amount you need to feed your pet is drastically reduced. You will more than likely find a 1KG bag of dry premium pet food lasts significantly longer than 1KG of budget food. Therefore the cost per bowl can be equal, or the premium brand could even be cheaper. Bear “cost per bowl” in mind the next time you are purchasing pet food. By trialling a bag of premium pet food you may be pleasantly surprised with the results, both in terms of your pets’ health and the impact on your finances.