Pet Nutrition – The Truth Behind Commercially Processed Pet Food

When watching advertising for pet food, plump wholesome chicken, choice cuts of appetizing beef and fresh grains are featured, but the true story behind pet nutrition may be a little different. It stands to reason that if these were the only ingredients in pet food, the cost would be far higher. Our pets are totally dependent upon us and their diet is in our hands. So what is the truth about pet food and what should we be doing to give our pets a healthy, wholesome diet?

The pet food industry is an extension of the food industry and what is deemed unsuitable for humans often gets put into pet food. Prime protein it is not, even though these by-products may be labeled ‘chicken’. Apart from the meat content, the remaining ingredients are a most unnatural diet for dogs including wheat, barley, rice, corn and oats. These man-raised crops are not in the dog’s natural food chain. A dog’s liver has to work overtime to process such protein sources which produce excess nitrates and in turn put a strain on the liver.

If you feed your dog dried food, as a test, place some of the dry food in water for about 10 minutes. If it swells up dramatically it probably contains high amounts of these filler products. If a dog’s digestive tract is filled with this sticky, glutinous residue, it will prevent the necessary calcium and vitamins from being properly absorbed from the food itself. The heat process used in preparing pet food also destroys many of the vitamins in the food. No wonder many dogs suffer allergies and health issues. In addition to a highly processed diet lacking essential vitamins, dogs are also having to cope with environmental pollution, pesticides and treated water which were all alien to our predecessors.

Most dog owners do not have the time, money and resources to devote to preparing natural wholesome meals for their pets, but those concerned about pet nutrition can find other ways to support their pet’s health. A veterinarian approved multivitamin has many essential vitamins and minerals which are essential to a balanced diet. Choosing an all-natural supplement can give your dog the pet nutrition it needs to support a healthy heart, liver and intestine. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which are known to support a healthy immune system and a shiny coat, supplements can put back the vitamins lost in modern pet nutrition. Costing just pennies a day, you owe it to your pet to give him the very best diet possible every day.