Pet Nutrition – Essential Steps to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Puppy Stage

When you first bring your puppy home, you are keen to do all the right things. These are formative months of development and lay the foundations for a healthy, happy and obedient dog in later life. All puppies need the basics including correct nutrition, lots of attention and love, time to play and a comfortable, safe environment. Pet nutrition is perhaps the most important part of a puppy’s development, laying the groundwork for strong bones, teeth and muscle and a healthy immune system. A growing puppy, like any baby, needs precise levels of essential nutrients to stay at their healthiest. Their bodies require a puppy food with increased amounts of energy, protein and calcium compared to adult dogs’ needs. Consider adding a daily multivitamin to your pet nutrition to ensure that your puppy is receiving the correct nutrients, vitamins and minerals in a supplement which has been specially formulated by veterinarians.

Adult Dogs

As time goes by your puppy becomes more adult with lower energy levels and requiring less sleep. Commercially prepared dog food is the most convenient way to provide his nutritional needs, along with a more adult-oriented dose of essential vitamins. A daily multivitamin in chewable tablet form can supplement his diet perfectly to maintain peak fitness and health. Antioxidants will maintain a healthy immune system whilst vitamins and essential oils care for a dog’s joints, brain function and shiny coat. A joint and hip maintenance program with chondroitin, flaxseed and extra glucosamine will support and maintain joint and cartilage flexibility at this stage of life.

Senior Pets

Alas, we all age in time and slow down a little, feeling the wear and tear we have subjected our bodies to over the years, and our dogs are just the same. Those years of pet supplements along with balanced pet nutrition should have paid off, and now a new specially formulated multivitamin for senior dogs will continue to care for your older dog’s needs. Additional glucosamine may be necessary for optimum joint and hip health whilst good pet nutrition and a balanced vitamin intake will give increased vitality and an improved quality of life for many years to come.