Pet Nutrition and Health – Consider Grooming!

Groomers do more than just trim hair and toenails. The observant groomer can detect changes in skin condition, hair/coat condition, he/she will notice changes in temperament and reactions to stimulus. The groomer naturally is exposed to many different conditions of many animals and with the gained knowledge has an ability to consider and compare conditions.

Starting with hair condition, numerous circumstances can create a lack of luster and sheen that doesn’t appear normal. This can be caused by nutrition, fleas and lice, allergies, parasites, hair cleaning products (shampoo) or even environmental problems. An experienced groomer can often detect the cause of a dry or blotchy skin, based on previous grooming examinations. The groomer may ask if the pet’s diet has been changed or inquire about other possible factors such as age and take these into consideration before recommending possible solutions. Importantly an experienced groomer also knows when a veterinarian’s advice is needed.

Responsible groomers have a close relationship to local veterinarians which they can call upon for advice and help when needed. They also keep records of all pet visits to compare ongoing variations of a pet’s condition and for grooming requirements.

Another important health issue observed by groomers is ears. Dogs have deep canals subject to ticks, parasites and other issues such as wax buildup, dirt and so forth that can cause infections. Cats ears have smaller canals, but are subject to many of the same problems. Ear cleaning compounds are available commercially for pet parents to care for their pet’s ears.

Proper toe nail trimming is necessary and most groomers have had extensive experience with it. Problems can arise from too close trimming (drawing blood), This normally will heal naturally, but infections can evolve so watch closely.

Observing eyes for clarity and excess tearing is important to determine if there are problems or conditions that need attention. Pets can develop cataracts and retinal problems similar to humans.

There are just a few of the observations to which concerned groomers pay attention. Their expertise and abilities combined with experience can prevent many problems and create a happy and healthy environment for you and especially your pets.

Be sure to interview and/or get recommendations before choosing a groomer. Anyone can start a grooming business, but few possess the determination, experience and concern that is required to be a first rate groomer/care giver.

Your pet’s health is as important as your health is to you.